Frequently Asked Questions

Basic requirements for printing with us:

  • Be sure you have a physical printer available, turned on, and set as your default printer. 
  • Use a compatible browser: Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

How do I download the QponPrinter?

The QponPrinter should download automaticly. However if it does not you can download them here (Mac Download) (Windows Download)

Why do I have to install an application to print a coupon?

When printing a manufacturer’s coupon from the internet, it is necessary for a coupon provider to limit the distribution of each coupon. The most effective way to accomplish this is to deliver the coupon through an application, driver, or browser plugin. We strive for the best consumer experience and our research has found the app method to the simplest option.

Why do I see a warning about downloading this program?

When downloading anything from the internet, your browser displays default messages associated with the download process. This message is not an indication of the safety of the Qples application but a standard message delivered by your browser to ensure your computer’s safety. Some messages may look like the images below:

Non Harmful Message

Why do I see warning messages while trying to open or launch the QponsPrinter?

Messages like the one shown below are auto-generated by your system when opneing any program you have downloaded from the Internet the first time. They are not specifiaclly associated with the QponsPrinter.

Open Application

I have installed the QponPrinter but have not received my coupon?

After installing the QponsPrinter, you can click the Print Now button again or completely refresh your browser and click Print Now again. This should initiate your print.


My coupon was sent to the wrong printer.

If your coupon went to the wrong printer, change the default printer designation in your computer settings and try to print again. If you have already exceeded your print limit, please send in a ticket through the HELP link available in the footer of the print window. This will generate a customer support ticket with your unique identification number that will help us allot you a new print.


I receive an error message that I have "exceeded my print limit".

Each coupon campaign has a set number prints available per user. Typically, this is two per consumer but it can also be one coupon per consumer, depending on the brand’s preferences. If you feel you have received this message in error, please send in a ticket through the HELP options available in the print window.


How can I uninstall the QponsPrinter?

Locate the QponsPrinter in your applications folder.

For Mac, drag your QponsPrinter to Trash and empty your trash.

For PC, select Uninstall by right clicking on the QponsPrinter or clicking the Uninstall option located near the QponsPrinter application and complete the uninstall process as displayed on your screen.

If your question was not addressed by these Frequently Asked Questions, please send us an email to:


General FAQs

Does Mambo Sprouts sell products?
No, we provide information and savings on health, natural and organic products.

Can the coupons be used at any store?
Yes, our coupon book and e-coupons can be used in any store that carries the manufacturer’s product. Please note that coupons are accepted at the individual stores discretion. Our Whole Foods coupons can only be redeemed at Whole Foods Market. 

Why can’t I find the coupon booklets at my local store?
Our coupon booklets are only distributed at select retailers who choose to participate. If you would like to suggest a new coupon pickup location, please use this online suggestion form. To find the store nearest you please visit the Store Locator section on our website.

Does Mambo Sprouts sell their database information?
No, we DO NOT sell, rent or lease our customer lists to third parties. For more information, please view our privacy policy.

I’d like to stop my subscription to Mambo Sprouts e-mails. How do I do this?
You can do so by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any e-newsletter from Mambo Sprouts.

I have an event/fundraiser coming up in my area and would like to have Mambo Sprouts participate. What do I need to do?
We would be happy to send our coupon books to your event (depending on availability). Please contact us with the event information, mailing address and date of event. Also, let us know the quantity of books you would like to receive for your event.

I filled out a survey online from Mambo Sprouts/MamboTrack and never received my free coupon/gift. Why?
Incentives from our surveys are fulfilled through the participating manufacturer, not Mambo Sprouts. Once your survey is submitted, you should allow 8-10 weeks for fulfillment. If you don’t hear anything back after 10 weeks please contact us.

Does Whole Foods Market still carry Mambo Sprouts coupons?
Our coupons are now inserted in the Whole Deal publication at all participating Whole Foods Market locations. The coupons in the Whole Deal can be used in Whole Foods Market stores only. You can also print coupons here to redeem at all participating Whole Foods Market stores.

Why can’t I find a coupon at a store that your store finder says carries them?
Some stores run out of books very quickly. We recommend inquiring at the customer service department at the store. Please let us know if your store is running out of coupons too quickly.

I would like my local market to carry Mambo Sprouts coupon books. How do I make that happen?
You can send us your suggestions by filling out this online form. We will then contact the store and see if they would like to carry our books. You can also help us out by recommending our books to your local stores Marketing Coordinator.

Why do some of your blog articles highlight specific brands?
In addition to writing our own blog articles that focus on a healthy, natural and organic lifestyle here at Mambo, we also feature great new products from our loyal client base (these are called advertorials). It’s important to us that we communicate our genuine dedication to that lifestyle in as many creative ways as we can. 

Does Mambo Sprouts still have the “Organic Way to Grow Essay Contest”?
The “Organic Way to Grow Essay Contest” is no longer applicable. We are not offering any scholarships at this time.

What is an advertorial?
An advertorial is a hybrid type of article which mixes an editorial article with an advertisement. Typically, when we publish an advertorial, we focus on highlighting our favorite features of a product or service. We maintain our integrity as a healthy and green lifestyle publication while we promote carefully selected, trusted brands.